August 22, 2021 - 8:15 am


A Fun 100 Container Challenge—Sunday, August 22, 2021

(Indoor airconditioned facility, plenty of crating room)
$20.00 per fun run (cash, checks, zelle or venmo)

Two Searches each limited to 25 runs with a different course layout for each search
You can enter one search or both searches …only one dog per handler per run

1st Search begins @ 8:15 am

2nd Search begins @ 11:30 am

Entry limit 25 teams per Search


Rules of the Challenge:
o Everyone begins with 100 points
o Odors used will be Birch, Anise, Clove
o One dog per handler per run
o 5 minutes with no 30 second warning (handlers can self time)
o One incorrect alert call allowed (fault points will be applied)
o Multiple faults

o 1 st incorrect Alert (5 fault points)
o Any container damaged (3 fault points)
o Container moved out of position (1 fault point)
o Handler dropping food (1 fault point)
o Handler moving or touching container (1 fault point)
o Repeat alert on already found container (1 fault point)
o Handler not able to point to correct container (1 fault point)

Disqualifying Faults:
o Handler calls a 2 nd alert on an incorrect container
o Handler calls “Finish” before all hides have been located
o Maximum search time reached without all hides being called
o Any harsh handling or correction of their dog by handler
o Dog or handler eliminate in the search area