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Relaxed, Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

  • We offer a wide variety of dog training, barn hunt, pet obedience and fun classes. This is the place to be to get your pet trained properly in a force-free humane way AND develop a close relationship with your dog through fun and educational activities.
  • Not all training has to be a regulated and regimented procedure. Our services & classes teach socialization, obedience, recall, nose work and much more through a variety of workshops, events and social field trips.
  • That's not all, we know some pets prefer to stay at home or have not been socialized yet so we offer in home one-on-one training. This is also a great choice for pet parents that have a busy schedule and need to arrange training outside of the listed class schedules.
  • Look though our events calendar to find the right class for you and your dog or contact us for private training!

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From Foundation to Finesse

Cheeky Dog Obedience is sponsoring a 2 Day Scenting Event with Fred Helfers!

Just a few auditing spots still available!

Hurry and Sign-up now for the Event HERE!

Fred Helfers will provide field instruction to the handlers on how to build their foundational handling skills to the finesse handling skills that are required in competition. These training sessions will assist each nosework handler in identifying and strengthening those problem areas of handling their dog. Invite family and friends to sign up for auditing spots to witness the amazing working teams in action! SIGN UP HERE!

Below are just a few of the many classes and activities Cheeky Dog Obedience offers!

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