January 13, 2020 - 7:00 pm

Cave Creek

Beginning Noses for Fun:

Experience the new and growing sport of Nose Work! In this class, your dog does most of the work, and is a great mental workout for your dog which makes for a happy dog and handler! All you need is a body harness, six-foot leash, a crate (to hold your dog until it’s their turn to “search”) and a BUNCH of stinky treats. This class is also a wonderful confidence builder for reactive dogs! Open to all ages, sizes and types of dogs – all they need is a nose!

All nose work classes have four student/dog handlers and classes run consecutively for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted in the calendar.  Each class builds on the previous class so it’s important to plan on attending class


When the class limits are reached, the class will be closed. It is your responsibility to plan on attending each class session you sign up for and missed classes are not credited forward or refunded. If a class has to be canceled due to weather or emergency, a makeup class will be available.

In special cases where alternate pmt arrangements have been made payment is due one week prior to class and will ensure your place in class.