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Help your dog on July 4th – Counterconditioning: Fear of Fireworks

Counterconditioning - Fear of Fireworks

Did you know that more pets in the United States end up lost and in shelters after the 4th of July than on any other day of the year?

Those loud noises can be very frightening for our pets, wildlife and people. If your dog is one of those who is afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms, now is the time to start working with them.

Don't wait until the frightening event happens.

Here is a wonderful handout for helping them discover those loud booms are nothing to worry about.

Start now !!

Keep your pet safe and secure this Independence Day!

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Tips for Fireworks and Thunderstorms
The 4th of July is right around the corner…. a fun celebration of friends, BBQs and fireworks but it can be a time of terror for dogs here are some tips to help your friend.

  • Give your dog plenty of exercise – early morning physical exercise and mental stimulation exercise.
  • Keep your dog inside during the evening and make sure they have their tags and identification on them and if at all possible, with some human companionship. It is a good idea to have your pet microchipped as well.
  • Best of all, stay home and keep them busy (give them something to do) and distracted but if you can’t…..
  • Feed them before you leave and when you leave give your dog something to chew on – chewing helps to relax them.  A frozen and stuffed kong is perfect. See safe and effective treat toys HERE.
  • Make sure your dog has a safe place to “hide”.  If your dog is comfortable in their crate that is great and cover it with a sheet or cover.
  • If possible, keep the windows and blinds closed to restrict the light and sound.
  • Anxiety wraps (thundershirt) can be helpful for dogs that respond well to the gentle, consistent pressure. Check out some great thundershirts HERE.
  • White noise can help some dogs – run a box fan or play music quietly in the background.
  • Some dogs respond well to sound therapy.  Calm your Canine Companion Music Series by "Through a Dog’s Ear" Get your copy HERE.