Tag: Mental Stimulation

Keep your dog mentally stimulated this summer with these fun Indoor Games!

Easy Games to Play Inside and Give Your Dog a Mental Workout!!

1. Treats in a Ball!
Cut up several strips of material ….old t-shirts, fleece strips, etc
Wrap treats in the strips and place them in the Hol-ee Ball
Roll it across the floor and watch your dog have fun!!!

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2. Hoops in Pool Noodles!

Go to the dollar store and pick up some hoops and pool noodles.
You can teach your dog to have fun going through hoops or continue your outdoor agility fun inside!

3. Wet Food Workout

You will need Silicone Mini Ice Cube Trays – Smear canned food, baby food or re-hydrated Honest Kitchen on clean ice cube trays and let your dog enjoy their meal. For even longer enjoyment – freeze it ! (Don’t leave your dog unattended, as some dogs may want to pick up the tray and leave with it ! and you don’t want them eating it )

4. Other easy games:

  • Put treats in the bottom of muffin tins and cover them with tennis balls.

  • Save your toilet paper rolls…..fill a box or food saver container with the rolls upright….sprinkle treats in some of the rolls and watch your dog have fun !

5. For fun nose games check out "Smellorama Nose Games" by Viviane Theby

Get your copy HERE!


Keep cool and have fun!